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Navy Lt. David Hunt, Crossrope Creator, On Killer Power Of Jumping + 3 Workouts

Skip forward a few years and Hunt has found that better way. His patent-pending CrossRope design allows you to swap out up to seven weights of cable from super-thin 2-ounce whips up to 3-pound rubber ropes between two sets of high-performance handles. His Quick Handles are the lighter version, with a narrower grip geared for tight jumping control using the lighter ropes, yet durable enough to handle max workouts the strain of the heavier cables. The workouts for women Rugged Handles provide better grip strength and leverage when training with the heavier CrossRopes. While you can buy pieces individually, say, if youd rather just work out with the heavy ropes, the entire system retails for $149. What Ive found is midweight ropes are ideal for beginners to learn on. They can feel exactly where the rope is. Theyre getting good feedback, so it helps them learn the timing and coordination, Hunt says. From there you can progress to building speed with the lighter cables.
Full story http://blogs.militarytimes.com/pt365/2014/01/06/navy-lt-david-hunt-crossrope-creator-on-killer-power-of-jumping-3-workouts/

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