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The ?doctor? Trilogy: Breaking The Rules

doctor-trilogy-2013-name-day-time In Time of the Doctor only two of the aforementioned are fulfilled the Eleventh Doctor ages to death defending a crack to a universe that contains Gallifrey. Whether this is an oversight of the visit this page rules on Moffats part or unfulfilled prophecy (a time stream, no matter the technobabble, is no substitute for a real body) remains unclear but it is for certain that the crack in the window was gone by the time of Christmas episode, contradicting what was seen in The Name of the hop over to this website Doctor. Defying what was established Series Seven presents narrative problems but it does follow the general lines of Matt Smiths tenure the Doctor discovers indisputable evidence of his end early on but finds a way around it in the end. The TARDIS blows up leaving cracks in the universe, the Doctor is shot in the middle of regeneration, the Doctor travels to his tomb in all cases a solution is devised. A pattern repeated throughout Smiths tenure encounters its completion in the Christmas episode (the Eleventh Doctor even scoffs at the rules) and Claras reputation as the Impossible Girl remains, in some way, intact since she does accomplish the impossible through her appeal to the Time Lords. Conclusion So, did breaking the rules work or not in the Doctor trilogy? Well, both. Some will say it did and some will say it didnt, but it will never be one or the other. Doctor Who will never be the show for everyone bonuses in every way but it is daring, much like the Doctor, and is novel in its ideas.
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